To my followers.


& everyone who has encouraged and believed I could go places with my music, I want to say thank you. My forth self-titled album ‘Folk Songs’ will be on iTunes within a few weeks. So keep tuned and keep listening, and I’ll keep singing.

1971 VW Bus almost finished!


Devil Inside Of You - (Original) Song by : Ryan Escalante

Conclusion of Ryans Best album yet! such a great musician


The Moon Song - Original song by : Ryan Escalante


A Reflection Of Beauty - (Original) song by : Ryan Escalante


Glad You’re Here - (Original) song by: Ryan Escalante

The Fisherman and The Mermaid- by J.Turnbeaugh (done for Ryan Escalante)
My Stockton Con Art Entry- by J.Turnbeaugh
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Brooklyn by J. Turnbeaugh


the blissful days of summer

to run in fields of gold

and feel the sweat and the heat of the sun

the grass underfoot, the blinding blue sky

and yellow rays of light

to feel that you will never grow old.

and never die.

all exists in these moments.

the reckless abandannon of bliss and life.

the desire above all to live.and to only live.

all else means nothing.

the way the sun dies, in a blaze on the horizon.

and to know that we may see it set, or we may not,

and its of no matter because we will see a million more suns.

we will have a million more days.

to feel that we will live forever.

the desperate and passionate kisses like a thirst.

stolen in hidden moments.

and more important than all ,to love

the nervous breaths and racing hearts

that pound like drums and thump in our chests

and show us in every beat

that we are alive

the sun kissed skin and smiles of youth.

and if I  only knew then what I know now,

 I would have said simply

that  I will miss this everyday.

to look back at these moments and these days.

and although we are changed.

we remember.

those beautiful golden moments of life

confined now, only to memory.

but we will remember

with every setting sun we will remember.

“It’s funny really, we spend our lives worrying about tomorrow and in the end only wanting to get back yesterday.”
— Ryan Escalante (via ryanescalante)


today is my best friends birthday. i love him so much and am so happy to have such an amazing talented caring and compassionate person in my life. i love you ryan, i am so happy for you and proud of you for everything you’ve accomplished in your life :) you are truly an amazing person


Baby - (Original) Song By Ryan Escalante


These Days - (Original) Song By Ryan Escalante